The Summmer MUSIC showcase - FREE admission

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Gown and Gavel (PATIO), 24 Hess St, Hamilton

BOXCAR BEN, LEO DRAGTOE, MARK TRUDEAU, ABUNDANCE IMANI, MICHAEL A.M., SPOOKYGUAVA, & KATIE HARBOUR will all be performing LIVE down in Hess village along the side patio of the Gown and Gavel during the weekly Church444 'BLOCK PARTY : Creative Collections' that's host to all variety of local artists, vendors and establishments scattered about the charismatic brick and cobblestone streets.

Bring us a donate-able for the 'Community Fridges - Hamilton' and we'll make sure it gets into the hands of our vulnerable community members. For more information on what you can donate please consult the @cf_hamont instagram page or feel free to message me directly.